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Our Mission

Cooper Dillon Books is a small poetry press founded on promoting and maintaining the values that make poems timeless. Through the publication and distribution of full-length collections and chapbooks, our intention is to nurture the poet and reader who finds joy in aesthetic, beauty, honesty and intimacy.

Cooper Dillon does not receive grants, government funding, endowments, or donations. We do not publish (select, print, advertise, etc.) at the expense of our authors. We earn money by selling books we believe in, in service of art and community.


Adam Deutsch

Publisher/Editor Adam Deutsch was born on Long Island, New York and has his M.A. from Hofstra University (2005) and M.F.A. from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (2008). He's been on the editorial staff of a number of presses and journals, including Ninth Letter and Barn Owl Review. He presently teaches at community college, and keeps a fairly active blog over at He lives in San Diego.

Taylor Katz

Assistant Editor Taylor Mardis Katz lives in San Diego, California, where she is pursuing her MFA in poetry at San Diego State University. She is a proud graduate of Connecticut College and a native of Hastings-on-Hudson, NY. Since graduating college she has lived in Cape Cod, Vermont, and various guest bedrooms and hostels around western Europe. Taylor's favorite accessory is the felt-tipped pen and she has zero interest in skydiving.

Max Xiantu

Art Director Max Xiantu is an artist and musician from New York City, experienced in painting, sculpture, tattooing,  graffiti, macrame, decoupage and whittling. He has worked in the field of print and graphic design for over 10 years. He lives a mostly monastic life, on the lam, in the suburbs of the city.  Visit to see his art and/or music.

Colleen Ryor

Founder Colleen Ryor is a native upstate New Yorker who has lived in Germany, England, and France. She holds a B.A. in foreign languages from the State University of New York at Saratoga Springs, Empire State College. Colleen founded on-line literary magazine The Adirondack Review in the year 2000. She teaches German and lives in upstate New York.